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Big Bear Crafts Coconut Shell Water Cups , Jalatara, entirely handmade and naturally glazed, for drinking water, hot and cold drinks; Ideal for kitchen, restaurant, and party settings; gorgeous appearance and sophisticated finish.


Big Bear Crafts coconut shell water cups are containers made from the shells of coconuts. These cups are typically crafted by artisans who transform the discarded shells into functional and eco-friendly drinking vessels.

Drinks like water, juice, smoothies, or cocktails are typically served in these cups. Coconut shell cups bring rustic beauty to any table setting or occasion because of their distinctive appearance and natural texture. They are frequently utilized for events with a tropical theme, beach weddings, or gatherings with an environmental focus.

Our coconut cups are 100% biodegradable as it is made entirely from natural coconut shells. If you’re interested in purchasing coconut shell cups wholesale, call us.


  1. Avoid being overheated.
  2. Do not put in the dishwasher, oven, or microwave.
  3. For a long life, regularly apply oil.


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4 reviews for Water Cups

  1. Anna Johnson

    Absolutely love these water cups! They’re perfect for my daily hydration needs.

  2. Alex Johnson

    The water cups from BigBearCrafts are of excellent quality. Highly recommend!

  3. Chen Wei

    I’m impressed with the design and functionality of these water cups. They make staying hydrated easy!

  4. Michael Rivera

    As someone who works outdoors a lot, these water cups are a lifesaver. Durable and leak-proof!

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