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Big Bears Crafts teak wood spatula is a high-quality kitchen tool made of teak wood, which is renowned for its outstanding strength, resistance to moisture, and heat tolerance.


Pancakes, omelets, burgers, and delicate fish fillets are just a few of the dishes that our teak hardwood spatulas T5 are great for flipping and rotating. Stability is provided by the flat, wide head.

Our teak wood spatulas T5 are also useful for spreading batter in cake pans and leveling the top of cookie dough while baking.


  1. Never leave wood spatulas submerged in water for a long time. 
  2. Although wood  spatulas may withstand heat, prolonged exposure to hot temperatures is not recommended.
  3. Never clean wood  spatulas in the dishwasher. 


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Teak Wood

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Big Bear Crafts

10 reviews for Spatula T5

  1. Jordan Michaels

    The Spatula T5 has transformed my baking routine! Its grip and flexibility are unmatched. Highly recommend for avid bakers.

  2. Casey Li

    I bought the Spatula T5 on a whim, and it’s been the best kitchen tool purchase this year. It cleans so easily and withstands high heat without any issues.

  3. Alex Torres

    This spatula doesn’t just scrape; it glides. Making pancakes has never been easier. Plus, it’s sturdy yet gentle on my non-stick pans.

  4. Priya Gupta

    Absolutely love the Spatula T5! It’s perfect for all my cooking needs, from folding batter to sautéing veggies. A kitchen must-have.

  5. Ethan Clarke

    Finally, a spatula that gets the job done without melting or bending out of shape! The Spatula T5 is durable and versatile.

  6. Maria Fernandez

    The sleek design and ergonomic handle of the Spatula T5 make it a joy to use. It’s become an essential part of my kitchen toolkit.

  7. David Kim

    From scrambling eggs to flipping burgers, the Spatula T5 is my go-to tool. It’s incredibly functional and easy to clean.

  8. Sophia Nguyen

    I was skeptical about the hype, but the Spatula T5 lives up to it. It’s tough, efficient, and has a great feel in the hand. Love it!

  9. Anita Sharma

    I’ve gone through dozens of spatulas, but none compare to the T5. It mixes, flips, and serves without any hassle. A top-quality product from BigBearCrafts.

  10. Chris Becker

    The T5 is not just a spatula; it’s a game-changer. It withstands high temperatures and is perfect for my cast iron skillets.

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