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Beer mugs


Big Bear coconut Shell Beer mugs,( 2 pcs), Madusha, purely handmade and naturally polished, for kitchen, Restaurant and party, ideal for drinking beer, juice, hot and cold beverages.

  • Personalized for every customer we ought to bring the classic traditional touch with nature inculcated products designed especially for all occasion’s.
  • Enjoy your weekends with Big Bear , which lets you in a mood of relaxation
  • Created and crafted with exclusively in natural design, drafted with exotic finish.

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Big bear’s premium edition coconut shell products designed by professionally skilled self-supporting women artisans for promoting eco-friendly lifestyle.

Product Name – Madusha Coconut shell beer mugs are eco consciously crafted for beer lovers. These organically made beautiful coconut shell beer mugs are used for serving beer, cocktail, artificial beverages, smoothies, hot/cold coffee and shakes. These beer mugs are uniquely crafted from coconut shells and are hand made using skilled artisans in a natural environment accompanies with stand. Light in weight, easy to carry and suitable for all camping and partying occasions. These coconut shell beer mugs are organically polished without any additives or chemical effluents. Totally organic and toxic free. East to clean and maintain. Strong and durable.

Big bear initiates sustainability even in packaging. The Madusha coconut shell beer mugs are packed using recyclable cardboard box, and paper since to avoid the use of plastics and other non-biodegradable material in our packaging.

  • Wash with water before every use.
  • Do apply oil occasionally for longevity.
  • Not recommended for microwave/ dishwasher/refrigerator

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