Coconut Shell Planter

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Big Bear crafts coconut shell planter, Cocona, entirely handmade and naturally polished, to adorn your interior and outdoors with little plants, a special eco-friendly showstopper.

  • Carved coconut planters
  • Exotically created
  • Eye-catching look


Our coconut shell planter is a distinctive and eco-friendly way to give your home decor a dash of the tropics. It is handmade since each one is fashioned from a genuine coconut shell. Small plants like herbs, succulents, or cacti thrive in our planter. It comes with a jute hanging cord so you can hang it from a hook or nail and has a drainage hole in the bottom to keep it from becoming wet.

Our coconut shell planter is one of a kind in its natural beauty. Each planter, which is made from a real coconut shell, has its unique personality and charm. Its modest size makes it perfect for small plants like succulents, cacti, or herbs. Our coconut shell planter is the ideal option for anybody searching for a chic and environmentally friendly method to display their favourite plants, whether you’re trying to freshen up your home decor or add some greenery to your office.


  1.  Regularly water your plant, but watch out for overwatering.
  2.  During the growing season, fertilize your plant a few times per month.
  3.  Put your plant in a bright area.
  4.  To clean, use a moist cloth to wipe down the planter.

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Coconut Shell

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3 reviews for Coconut Shell Planter

  1. Chen Wei

    BigBearCrafts’ coconut shell planter exceeded my expectations. It’s beautifully made and perfect for my succulents. Very pleased with my purchase!

  2. Anna Johnson

    Absolutely love my coconut shell planter! It adds a tropical vibe to my home decor, and the craftsmanship is superb. Highly recommended!

  3. Michael Rivera

    The coconut shell planter from BigBearCrafts is a real conversation starter! It’s beautifully crafted and adds a touch of exotic charm to my patio.

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