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Big Bear Crafts Coconut Shell Tea Cups  Camellia, completely handmade and naturally glazed, for hot and cold drinks, specially designed for Chai lovers.

  • Camellia – generic name for tea
  • Super shiny finish
  • Superior Look


Coconut shell tea cups are popular for serving beverages such as tea, coffee, smoothies, and other cold or hot beverages. They can add a tropical touch to your drink collection and are often used for themed parties, beach events, or as decorative items.

Depending on the particular coconut shells used, coconut shell tea cups can vary in size, shape, and colour, giving them a distinctive and organic appearance. They are renowned for being sustainable and eco-friendly because they use minimal processing and are manufactured from natural products.

The coconut husk is typically removed to create coconut shell tea cups, leaving the coconut’s tough shell in its place. The shell is then cleaned, polished, and occasionally carved or adorned to improve its appearance.


  1. They should not be used with extremely hot liquids because the shell is made of a natural substance that could be harmed or shatter under extreme heat. Instead, it is ideal to use them for warm or cold beverages.
  2. Before every use, wash with water.
  3. For a long life, regularly apply oil.
  4. Refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave are not suggested.

Natural Coconut Shell Cups are inexpensively available from big bear industry. Order right away!

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4 reviews for Tea Cups

  1. Chen Wei

    Absolutely charming tea cups! They add such elegance to my tea parties

  2. Alex Johnson

    The tea cups from BigBearCrafts are beautifully crafted and have become the highlight of my afternoon tea rituals.

  3. Michael Rivera

    The tea cups are not only stunning but also sturdy. I’m impressed with the quality!”

  4. Anna Johnson

    The tea cups are perfect for hosting tea parties with friends. They always draw compliments!

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