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The teak wood spatula T3 from Big Bear Crafts is a multipurpose and distinctively shaped cooking item renowned for its usefulness and functionality. 


Our teak wood spatulas are made from premium teak wood, a hardwood renowned for its extraordinary toughness, tenacity, and resistance to moisture and heat. The natural qualities of teak make it the perfect material for kitchenware.

The Teak Wood Spatula T3 is incredibly practical for scooping and delivering liquids, sauces, and seasonings because of the spoon component.

The Teak Wood Spatula T3 is excellent for flipping meals like pancakes, omelets, and hamburgers thanks to its broad, flat head. Its construction delivers precision and stability.


  1. Never leave wood spatulas submerged in water for a long time. 
  2. Although wood spatulas may withstand heat, prolonged exposure to hot temperatures is not recommended.
  3. Never clean wood spatulas in the dishwasher.

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Teak Wood

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10 reviews for Spatula T3

  1. David Smith

    The Spatula T3 from BigBearCrafts has revolutionized my cooking experience! It’s sturdy, efficient, and a joy to use. Highly recommended!

  2. David Wilson

    I can’t imagine cooking without my Spatula T3 anymore. It’s ergonomic design and durability make cooking a breeze. Thanks, BigBearCrafts!

  3. Emily Thompson

    As a professional chef, I rely on high-quality tools. The Spatula T3 exceeds my expectations. It’s versatile, easy to clean, and built to last.

  4. Alex Johnson

    BigBearCrafts’ Spatula T3 is a game-changer in my kitchen. It’s perfect for flipping, scraping, and stirring. An essential tool for any home cook!

  5. Michael Rivera

    I’ve tried many spatulas, but none compare to Spatula T3. Its heat-resistant properties and comfortable grip make it my go-to utensil.

  6. David Wilson

    Spatula T3 has simplified my cooking routine. Its innovative design makes cooking tasks effortless. Thank you, BigBearCrafts, for such a fantastic product!

  7. Jessica Miller

    The Spatula T3’s innovative design and superior craftsmanship make it stand out. It’s a must-have tool for anyone who loves to cook!

  8. Emma Wilson

    I’m amazed by how versatile the Spatula T3 is. Whether I’m sautéing veggies or flipping pancakes, it gets the job done perfectly. Thanks, BigBearCrafts!

  9. Emily Carter

    nice products!

  10. leo dass

    cool products!

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