Soapstone Dosa Tawa

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Introducing our Soapstone Dosa Tawa, a masterfully prepared dish that will infuse your kitchen with the real taste of Indian food. This dosa tawa, which is hand-carved from excellent soapstone, is a representation of excellence and customs.


Our Soapstone Dosa Tawa’s outstanding heat retention and naturally non-stick surface guarantee that your dosas will always cook to perfection, with crispy sides and a fluffy centre. Even heat distribution and a beautiful, polished finish ensure consistent results with each batch, as well as easy flipping and serving.

Because of its inherent ability to absorb heat slowly and release it evenly, soapstone is a perfect cooking material. This permits you to cook your dosas without creating hot patches and achieving the desired golden-brown crust. You can flip and precisely manipulate your dosas with ease because of its flat surface, which also resists sticking.

Our Soapstone Dosa Tawa is made to last a lifetime according to its durable construction and ergonomic shape, making it a valuable cooking equipment for future generations


  1. Keep dry and out of the direct sunlight and heat.
  2. Due its weight, handle with caution.
  3. Avoid using harsh cleansers and clean softly.


10 reviews for Soapstone Dosa Tawa

  1. ethanclark

    I absolutely love my new soapstone dosa tawa from BigBearCrafts. It heats evenly, making my dosas perfectly crispy every time. Highly recommend!”

  2. Alex Johnson

    This soapstone tawa has changed my breakfast game. Not just for dosas, I’ve made pancakes on it, and they come out great. Worth every penny.

  3. Michael Rivera

    I was skeptical about the maintenance, but it’s been a breeze to take care of my soapstone tawa. Plus, the taste of dosas is incomparable to non-stick pans.

  4. Anna Johnson

    Buying from BigBearCrafts was a great decision. Their soapstone dosa tawa is a kitchen must-have for anyone who loves cooking traditional dishes.

  5. Meena Kumari

    The craftsmanship of this soapstone tawa is impressive. It retains heat well, making it perfect for my dosa experiments.”

  6. Meena Kumari

    “Buying from BigBearCrafts was a great decision. Their soapstone dosa tawa is a kitchen must-have for anyone who loves cooking traditional dishes.

  7. Omar Abdullah

    Excellent product! It’s not just for dosas; I’ve used it for uttapams and even for roasting spices. The flavor it adds is unique.”

  8. Chen Wei

    I bought this as a gift for my friend who loves Indian cuisine. She can’t stop thanking me. BigBearCrafts really delivers on quality and authenticity.

  9. Chen Wei

    I was looking for an authentic dosa tawa, and BigBearCrafts delivered. The soapstone material makes all the difference in taste and texture.

  10. Saeed Al-Mansouri

    Impressed by the quality and performance of this soapstone dosa tawa. It’s become an essential part of my kitchen. Highly recommend for dosa lovers!

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