Dessert Bowl With Long Base

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A coconut shell dessert bowl with a long base from Big Bear Crafts usually refers to a dessert presentation where the bowl is elevated on a long stem or base. This style of dessert bowl provides a classy and aesthetically pleasing method to serve various sweet delights.

  • Attractive Presentation
  • Authentic Look
  • Artistic Results


A creative and eye-catching way to display your sweet delights is by making a coconut shell dessert bowl with a long base. Make your dining room or coffee table centerpiece out of a coconut shell dessert bowl. To make an eye-catching focal point, fill it with ornamental things like dried flowers, colorful stones, or potpourri.

These lovely and straightforward handcrafted coconut shell dessert bowls are constructed from high-quality recycled coconut shells, so you can enjoy the bounty of nature and natural health.

Use your imagination to create numerous crafts and art using the coconut shell dessert bowl. The bowl can be painted or embellished with motifs, used as a mold for homemade candles or soaps, or added to other do-it-yourself projects.



  1. Before every use, wash with water.
  2. For a long life, regularly apply oil.
  3. Refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave are not suggested.

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4 reviews for Dessert Bowl With Long Base

  1. Daniel Brown

    I absolutely love the dessert bowl from BigBearCrafts! The long base not only looks stylish but also provides stability. It’s perfect for serving desserts at dinner parties.

  2. Alex Johnson

    The dessert bowl from BigBearCrafts exceeded my expectations! It’s beautifully crafted and the long base makes it easy to hold. A must-have for any dessert lover!

  3. Chen Wei

    I’m impressed by the quality of the dessert bowl from BigBearCrafts. The long base adds a modern touch, and it’s ideal for serving individual portions of desserts.

  4. David Smith

    I recently purchased the dessert bowl from BigBearCrafts, and I’m delighted with my purchase! The long base adds sophistication, and it’s great for serving desserts with style.

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