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Easy to clean. Wash with water and any dish wash liquid. Not recommended to washed in dish washer.

Not to be used in microwave, it may cause shell shattering.

For longevity we can wash before every use. Dropping the bowl may cause cracks.

Instead of plastics, you can prefer coconut bowls. Coconut shell’s chemical composition enhances taste and improves health.

Salads, snacks, veggies, fruits, nuts and also suitable for serving appetizers

Size may range from 150 to 500 ml depending upon your choice

Yes it is naturally polished, toxic free and organically made.

Wash with water and dish cleaning liquid.

No it’s not recommended for microwave

Yes they are break resistant with longer life. Don’t crack even slipped off.

We can serve salads, snacks, fries, stews and rice

No they are in made and polished in such a way they won’t absorb water.

Yes they are heat resistant.

No it is not recommended.

Yes, they are scratch proof. Do apply oil occasionally to maintain shine.